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West Coast Summer Bucket List

West Coast Summer Bucket List
West Coast Summer Bucket List

This winter, I made an adventure bucket list in hopes of embracing the generally rainy weather and getting outside.

We surprisingly had a lot of snow in Vancouver this year, which led to some fantastic adventures. And while a running injury put a slight cramp in my adventure plans, the bucket list was nonetheless great encouragement to get outside and explore.

Summer certainly seems like it is on its way in Vancouver. I have no problem getting outside now, my bigger problem is narrowing down what I want to do.

Here is what’s on my ever-growing summer adventure bucket list:

Hike Joffre Lakes

Hike Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge

Hike Watersprite Lake

Hike Diez Vistas

Go to the Othello Tunnels

Show my friend Trevor around Vancouver when he comes to visit in June

Check out the Mount Pleasant Mural Festival (August 7-12)

Sign up for and run a race: I have a few trail races on my list to try

Try out a meditation session at Moment Meditation (they also have 4 session introductory package)

Return to Prince Edward Island in August

Go to a farmer’s market (I have already tried the West End Farmer’s Market but look forward to visiting one or many more of the Vancouver markets this summer)

Run Seymour Valley Trailway (this was on my winter bucket list but didn’t happen)

Day or weekend trip to Sunshine Coast (apparently there is a new public market in Gibson right by the ferry terminal)

Day or weekend trip to Vancouver Island

Train for a 50 km trail race (I signed up for my first 50 km race in mid-November and training starts in June)

Continue to progress on getting our communications consultancy up and running with my business partner

It’s going to be a busy summer. Now who’s going to come join me! What’s on your summer adventure bucket list?


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