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Spring Favourites: Food, adventures, other finds

Spring Favourites: Food, adventures, other finds
Spring Favourites: Food, adventures, other finds

Spring has finally sprung in Vancouver. Here are a few restaurants, adventures, and other finds I have been loving so far this season:

Happy Hour at Rodney’s Oyster House (Yaletown)

My colleagues and I celebrated the end of a successful work week a few weeks ago with Happy Hour at Rodney’s Oyster House in Yaletown. I couldn’t believe how popular a spot it was on a Friday night. We showed up early and were lucky to get a seat, as the restaurant was quickly packed. The wild sockeye served traditional lox style with bread and cream cheese was fantastic. We also had fresh mussels and oysters, delicious.

Gluten-free sushi and sashimi at the new Shizen Ya (Downtown)

One of my favourite healthy restaurants and gluten-free sushi joints, Shizen Ya recently opened up a new location a few doors down from their old space. The food is still just as tasty, but the restaurant is way nicer and much bigger. My staple dishes are the spinach gomae and the sashimi rice bowl.

Lunch at TurF (Kitsilano)

TurF opened up earlier this year in Kitsilano, part fitness studio, part cafe and community space. I’ve since been back a few times, just for their homemade nut milk lattes. The almond and walnut milk lattes are both delicious! I tried an iced latte this past weekend and it was so good, the perfect lightly sweet summer treat.

The food is fresh, healthy and tasty but the portions were somewhat small for the price. Nonetheless, it’s a great spot to go, hangout, and get some work done (free WIFI and ample seating).

Califia Farms Vanilla Almond Milk

My friend May got me hooked on this almond milk a few years ago when I visited her in the Cayman Islands. For years, it was only available in the US but Califia Farms is now in Canada. I buy it at Whole Foods and Urban Fare and it is the best store-bought nut milk I’ve had – creamier and cleaner ingredients than any other brand I’ve found. They also have a cold brew version I really want to try!

Super simple Tomato Basil Turkey Meatloaf

If you are looking for a super simple and healthy dinner recipe, this tomato basil turkey meatloaf fits the bill. Be sure to use fresh basil, not dried as it makes all the difference in the flavour.

RYU Apparel 2N1 Tank Tec Top

RYU Apparel has been in Vancouver for a few years now, but I’ve always been a little hesitant to try it out. Honestly, I found some of their ads a little over the top and their stores slightly unwelcoming. A new location recently opened up downtown, so I popped in one day. While they clearly cater to an upper-middle class audience – not everywhere offers you a bottle of water upon entering the store and the clothes ain’t cheap – I’ve been really impressed by the quality and fit so far. I picked up two of their 2N1 Tank Tec Tops and am planning to try out a pair of their tights soon. Supposedly they won’t fall down and I’m betting they aren’t see-through either.

Nutrition consult with Jana Finkbiner (Studeo55 Ntegrated Health Group)

Throughout marathon training, I struggled a bit with nutrition and was often left wondering how much I should eat to fuel my runs. Looking back, I had a lot of brain fog and low energy especially during my first marathon training cycle, and I’m sure that was largely from under-fuelling.

Last summer, I took a Food, Fitness, and Flavour Cooking Class at The Dirty Apron co-taught by nutritionist Jana Finkbiner. I loved the class and Jana’s holistic approach to nutrition. I finally signed up for a nutrition consult with Jana this spring and can’t recommend her enough. She is incredibly warm, knowledgeable and got to the root of my nutrition concerns. I am now in the process of implementing her nutrition tips and my new plan and loving it so far.

My consult with Jana also really helped touch on some long-standing anxieties around food. I never considered myself an emotional eater, but following this new plan is helping to get rid of a lot of this mental junk around food.

Physiotherapy with Drew Teskey (Studeo55 Ntegrated Health Group)

During my appointment with Jana we discussed my health and fitness goals, one of which includes beating my running injury once and for all, running pain-free, and returning to long distance training. I mentioned to Jana that I have been seeing a chiropractor, but after hearing about my piriformis injury she suggested I also pay a visit to the physiotherapist. Physiotherapist Drew Teskey came highly recommended and I am so happy I begun working with him. After only a few appointments with Drew (and some very painful dry needling sessions), I was back to running 30 minutes at time. To go from no running for four months to this was, in my mind a miracle!

10 BC Babes you should follow (She Who Wanders)

One of the best parts about getting into running and outdoor adventures, is the inspiring women I have been connected to with similar interests. Women like Laura at She Who Wanders! Laura recently shared a roundup of 10 BC Babes you should follow on Instagram and I was so excited to be included. Find the full list here.

What have you been loving so far this spring?

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