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Snowshoeing in Vancouver: Mount Seymour

Snowshoeing in Vancouver: Mount Seymour
Snowshoeing in Vancouver: Mount Seymour

This winter, I have discovered the wonders of snowshoeing and winter hiking. Admittedly, this is the first time in my almost 5 years of living in BC that I have actually explored the mountains and trails in the winter. I’m so glad that I have!

Here is the final part in the three part series of my favourite places to go snowshoeing in the Vancouver area.

Read part one: snowshoeing at Grouse Mountain and part two: snowshoeing at Cypress Mountain

Mount Seymour

First Peak

Full disclosure: I have the least snowshoeing experience on Mount Seymour. A few years ago, my grad school girlfriends and I took a snowshoe-fit class at Mount Seymour. The instructor had us do lunges, squats, and other exercises intermittently on our hike and we didn’t really see much. I wouldn’t recommend it.

My second visit to Seymour for snowshoeing was on a rainy and cold day this past January. My friends and I planned to hike up to First Peak, but as we got closer to the backcountry the conditions worsened. I was a little terrified of being blown off a mountain (perhaps a slight overreaction). We made it as far as Brockton Point before turning back. The trail was beautiful nonetheless and offered different views from Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain. Trail directions can be found here.

If you plan to snowshoe at Mount Seymour, I suggest going earlier in the day or checking out the mountain’s Twitter account first. It gets very busy in the winter with skiers and snowboarders so parking and traffic can be a problem.

Dog Mountain

I haven’t actually snowshoed the full Dog Mountain trail, only hiked it in the summer. It’s a great trail any time of the year if you’re looking for a short hike with good views. Trail directions can be found here.

Snowshoeing and Winter Hiking Bucket List

Of course, my adventures bucket list is ever-growing especially now that I have a newfound love for winter hiking and snowshoeing. Here are a few trails I hope to explore before the snow disappears:

Sea-to-Sky Gondola in Squamish

My friend Alyssa hiked the Al’s Habrich Ridge trail from the top of the Sea-to-Sky Gondola and it looks gorgeous.

Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park

Garibaldi Lake remains one of my favourite summer hikes. I’m sure Elfin Lakes would be equally as nice.

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

Hiking Joffre Lakes as been on my list of things to do in BC for a very long time. It’s quite the drive from BC, but the views may just make it worth it.

Callaghan Valley

I saw a picture of snowshoeing in Callaghan Valley on Instagram and was instantly intrigued. Since then, I have heard several people mention it’s a great place for snowshoeing and skiing.

Do you have anything left to do on your winter bucket list before spring arrives? 


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