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My Favourite Spin Classes in Vancouver

My Favourite Spin Classes in Vancouver
My Favourite Spin Classes in Vancouver

Subtitled: how I maintained my sanity and fitness when I couldn’t run

In December, my piriformis injury really flared up and prevented me from running for 3 months. Spinning became my go-to workout. 

The first 2-3 weeks it was difficult to walk and I didn’t do much other than attempt to go on long walks. But as I began to get back some range of motion I started going to spin classes. While I have been able to strength train throughout injury, the gym just doesn’t give me the same feeling as a run or long, sweaty cardio session. And so I started exploring Vancouver’s spinning studios.

Here are my favourite spin classes in Vancouver: 

Cyklus Vancouver (Downtown)

I have been an infrequent visitor at Cyklus Vancouver over the past several years, but that certainly changed this winter. My favourite classes are the Endurance Ride (60 minutes) and IRONride (2-2.5 hours). The IRONride has truly saved my sanity during this non-running period and filled that craving for a long run and feeling of total exhaustion. I am fan of Rick Bulley, Jay Shapka, and Haley Gill’s classes.

Many of the people who ride at Cyklus are outdoor cyclists and triathletes and it shows in the classes. The workouts are well-structured and challenging. Cyklus uses the computer system Spivi that links all of the bikes together for a virtual team ride. Data is displayed on big screens throughout the class and details your FTP, RPM, power wattage, and calories burned. The instructors will often do challenges in the class (i.e. furthest distance, highest average watts) that help fuel a little competition and keep the long rides interesting.

Features: M3i Keiser bikes, Spivi computer system, full amenities (showers, towels, change rooms), free shoe rentals, book online and select your bike in advance, water bottle refills during IRONride.

Cost: free intro class on Saturdays, frequently on Groupon, 5 classes for $70 introductory package, on ClassPass. Full pricing list here. 

While I love the long endurance rides, I still picture running outside and chasing the sunset.

Method Indoor Cycling (Kitsilano and West Vancouver)

Like Cyklus, many of the Method riders are also outdoor cyclists and triathletes. While the studio doesn’t display personal data on screens, the instructor does put up the entire workout on a screen at the start of the workout. The workouts are well thought out, and though they all follow the same structure they constantly vary. All of the classes are 60 minutes, which can be hard to find in Vancouver (most are 45 minutes).

My go-to instructors are Amanda DeJong, Marianne Beilmann, and the owners Jamie and Shannon Armstrong. I prefer the newer, brighter, and larger Kitsilano studio over their original West Vancouver location.

Features: M3i Keiser bikes, full amenities (showers, towels, change rooms), free shoe rentals, book online, water bottle refills during class.

Cost: first class free (call to book), $129 1 month new rider special, on ClassPass. Full pricing list here.

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary (Gastown and North Vancouver)

I fully expected to hate my class at Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary – how is that for a positive attitude. I am generally not a fan of any spin classes that have you use weights on the bike and expected the studio to be a bit snobby, but the class at Eastwood was ridiculously fun and the atmosphere welcoming. I left my class just feeling really good.

Extremely different from Cyklus or Method, you are basically riding in the pitch black. This can make setting up and clipping into your bike a little difficult, but the staff are happy to help you. Most classes are 45 minutes and are matched to the beat of the high-energy and very loud music. If you’re looking to have more of a dance party, than serious ride on your bike this is the studio for you. I haven’t tried the North Vancouver location, but the Gastown studio is massive (2 floors and 4500 sf) and seemingly designed to be a sanctuary within the city.

Features: Schwinn bikes, full amenities (showers, towels, change rooms), strength training during class with light free weights, free shoe rentals, book online, eucalyptus-scented steam towels after class.

Cost: first class $10, two classes for $25, $100 1 month new rider special, on ClassPass. Full pricing list here.

YYoga (Multiple Locations)

YYoga has been my go-to place for yoga for several years, particularly given its many locations, multiple class options, and consistently good instructors. I had a 15-class package to use up this winter, so I branched out from my regular Power and Flow yoga classes and began trying some of the spin classes. All of the classes, with the exception of a few weekend classes are 45 minutes. Compared to the other studios listed above, YYoga’s spin classes (called YRide) are pretty simple but do the trick for a good cardio workout.

Features: M3i Keiser bikes, full amenities (showers, change rooms), steam room, tea room, book online. Note: bring your own shoes and towel.

Cost: $40 for 1 month unlimited classes, $160 for 10 class pass, occasional class package specials. Full pricing list here.

Other spin studios to try in Vancouver

Do you like spin classes? What is your favourite studio to ride at?


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