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A Week in the Cayman Islands: Part Two

A Week in the Cayman Islands: Part Two
A Week in the Cayman Islands: Part Two

In December, my friend May got married in the Cayman Islands. I was excited to travel to Grand Cayman with 3 other girlfriends in tow, see May get married and spend a week in the sun. Here’s part two of our trip. Missed part one? Find it here

Day Five: Monday

Monday was a lazy day full of beach walks, snorkelling, and napping. There were certainly no complaints about this. We also spent time exploring the hotel grounds. There was a waterpark that we were all tempted to visit, but it seemed likely we would be outnumbered by children. The restaurant beside the waterpark serves these amazing truffle oil french fries, so that was reason to visit that area alone!

In the evening, we drove over to Camana Bay, a mixed-use community, including an outdoor shopping mall, waterfront walkways, condos, and restaurants. It is also a great place to get gelato. I loved all of the Christmas decorations, a strange sight to see in such a hot place. We climbed the stairs to the top of Camana Bay’s observatory for great views of the island and sunset.

Then it was time for a BBQ at a friend’s place. We stopped at one of the local grocery stores on the way, one of my favourite things to do while on vacation in a new place. The avocados in Grand Cayman are the best I have ever tried – huge and incredibly creamy.

Day Six: Tuesday

Besides May’s wedding, Tuesday was my favourite day of the trip. My friends and I decided to go explore the island and planned to rent a car. We failed to book in advance, so we were left with pretty slim car options the morning of our day trip. By some stroke of luck (and an incredibly nice concierge), we ended up with a convertible. What better vehicle to go exploring with in the sun!

Our first stop was the Blowholes. The spray of water out of geysers can reach up to 20 feet on windy days. We were greeted by a man named Alan who has deemed himself the unofficial tour guide of the Blowholes. He pointed out numerous ancient fossils in the rocks. Then he helped us time our photos so we could capture the blowholes in action! Alan also hilariously looked like Obama and pointed this out several times.

Our next stop was lunch at Tukka, Australian food with a Caribbean twist. The menu is albeit a little random but the food is tasty. The restaurant is right on the ocean (be sure to grab a spot on the patio if you ever find yourself there). Keep a watch for tarpon swimming in the ocean below. 

Our final stop of the day trip was Rum Point. A popular spot for tourists, Rum Point has beaches, water activities, and a restaurant. It’s a nice place to go for a few hours and relax in the sun. We spent some time snorkelling and spotted a stingray swimming by!

After a great day of exploring, it was time to brave the many roundabouts (and driving on the opposite side of the road) and return home.

Day Seven: Wednesday

For our last full day in Cayman, we couldn’t resist having one more adventure. After a relaxing morning, spent feasting on some local squashes, eggs, tomatoes, and avocados for breakfast, it was time to go snorkelling. We were picked up by Don Foster’s Dive Company and taken to the dive shop.

After being outfitted with snorkel gear, we took a 25 minute boat ride out to the Kittiwake Shipwreck and snorkelled for 2 hours. Kittiwake is Grand Cayman’s largest shipwreck at 251 feet long. After being used for over 50 years as a rescue and salvage vessel, the boat was purposely sunk in 2011. Most of the ship remains intact and a reef has formed around it. While you can dive, it is also great for snorkelling since the water is not too deep and the visibility is generally high. 

To celebrate a great trip and mourn our last night in Cayman, we had a great dinner (and incredibly strong margaritas) that night at the Mexican restaurant Casa 43.

Day Eight: Thursday

After one final run, snorkel, and beach walk it was time to fly back to Vancouver (via Toronto). We are already planning our next group trip: Hawaii 2020 anybody?

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