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A Week in the Cayman Islands: Part One

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A Week in the Cayman Islands: Part One
A Week in the Cayman Islands: Part One

In early December, my friend May got married in the Cayman Islands. 


May and I met in grad school 5 years ago and she used to live just up the street from me! We became quick friends with a shared love for long walks on the seawall, trying new foods, exploring the city, and going to Whole Foods. This past December, I was excited to travel to Grand Cayman with 3 other girlfriends in tow, see May get married and spend a week in the sun. Here’s part one of two of our trip.


Day One: Thursday

We arrived in Cayman on a Thursday afternoon. As we stepped off the plane, I was immediately struck by the heat and humidity. Goodbye winter, hello summer! After a brief, but heavy rain shower, we were welcomed to Cayman with a rainbow over the airport parking lot.

During our first evening, we walked along the beach and watched the sunset. A financial conference was being held at the hotel nearby and they put on a spectacular fireworks show for the guests. We crashed the party and watched the fireworks from beach chairs.

Day Two: Friday

Friday was the day of the wedding. I kicked off the day with what was supposed to be an 8 mile run. I didn’t start early enough (i.e. before sunrise) and I lasted 6 miles before calling it quits and walking home along the beach. The heat is no joke! I even ended up in Hell.

We spent the morning and early afternoon relaxing on the beach. I admittedly left for the vacation feeling a little worried I may be bored. Spending a week doing nothing isn’t usually my typical vacation, but it became very easy to do just that in Cayman! Before getting ready for the wedding, I grabbed a tasty lunch at the local plant-based eatery, Island Naturals Cafe.

May and Ryan’s wedding was special, beautiful, and so memorable. I had never been to a beach wedding before and now I want to get married on a beach! The ceremony was held at dusk, guests were barefoot, and we were treated to a beautiful sunset after the ceremony.

There was a coconut bar during cocktail hour: fresh coconuts were cut open for you on the spot with the option of adding rum – best idea ever! After a delicious dinner featuring plenty of local seafood, we danced the night away barefoot in the sand (what a calf workout). I had many moments throughout the night where I couldn’t believe this was my life!

Once it was dark, guests could light paper lanterns on fire, make a wish, and send them off into the night sky. Unfortunately, some of the lanterns had trouble “flying” and one ran into me and lit my dress on fire! Good thing we were next to a very large body of water – crisis averted. Shortly after, we all jumped into the ocean with our dresses on anyways.

Day Three: Saturday

Hungover and tired, we had a slow start and spent the day recovering from the wedding on the beach, exploring a local grocery store, and stocking up on rum cakes. Not a bad way to do it! That evening, we made a big dinner at the condo. My task was to spiralize a LOT of vegetables.

Day Four: Sunday

I attempted another run outside on Sunday morning. I learned my lesson and started much earlier finishing it up on the treadmill. Coincidentally a half-marathon and marathon were also taking place. I considered signing up for the half but the early start time (5 am) and the cost stopped me. It was fun to run along part of the course and cheer on the other runners. Volunteers were riding bikes along the course, spraying runners with water and everyone seemed in great spirits.

That afternoon, we were treated to an incredible and huge brunch at LUCA. I can’t even remember half the things I ate. Sashimi and other fresh seafood, salads, gazpacho, roasted vegetables, and then of course dessert. We rolled ourselves home along the beach, ready for another swim and snorkel!

Coming up next: part two of our adventures in the Cayman Islands


Have you been to the Caribbean before? Do you like beach vacations or prefer more active trips? 


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