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Winter Adventures Bucket List: Update #1

Winter Adventures Bucket List: Update #1
Winter Adventures Bucket List: Update #1

Earlier this winter, I made a winter adventures bucket list in hopes of getting over the rainy weather and embracing the season. Find the full list here. Here’s some of the adventures I’ve had so far:

Snowshoeing at Cypress Mountain: done on December 17

For my birthday I gathered a group of friends and we headed to the mountains for an afternoon of snowshoeing followed by Indian food. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! The sun was shining, the visibility great, and the temperature not too cold. Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with a nagging running injury (piriformis strikes again!) so I wasn’t moving too fast. We made it partway up Hollyburn Mountain before turning around. I can’t wait to go back!

Hike up BCMC trail: done on December 11

My adventure part-in-crime Alyssa and I headed out for an evening hike up the BCMC trail one Sunday night. Looking back, it may not have been the safest idea (the Grouse Grind trail parallel to the BCMC is closed in the winter because of potential avalanches) but it was an adventure to say the least. We slipped and slided our way up, ending in a winter wonderland at the top of Grouse Mountain.

Light walk at Grouse Mountain: done on December 11

After warming up in the chalet post-BCMC hike, Alyssa and I did the short light walk at the top of Grouse Mountain. It has become one of my favourite holiday traditions. Christmas music playing, snow falling, and lights strung up through the trees. It feels pretty magical.

Christmas Light Maze: skipped this one (I ran out of time before I left Vancouver)

Cayman Islands: done December 1-8

Recap coming soon! But let me just say 8 days in the Cayman Islands with some of my best friends was amazing. A wedding on the beach, sunset walks, snorkelling daily, exploring the island, getting plenty of vitamin D, and more. I now want to go to the beach every winter.

Try a new fitness class: spin at RPM Total Fitness on December 27

I returned to my old gym in Toronto and took a spin class at RPM Total Fitness. While technically not a new fitness class, it was a change from my routine. We’ll see what other new fitness classes the winter brings!

Impact Kitchen: done on December 27

I tried Impact Kitchen last Christmas when I was in Toronto and loved my meal. Santa gave our family a gift card for the restaurant this year, so we had to go back. Serving minimally processed, nutrient rich, real food, this is the place to go for a healthy meal whether you’re paleo, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free. My family loves their bone broth to take home and their paleo desserts are so good.

Christmas Market in the Distillery District: skipped this one (I ran out of time to go before it closed)

Instead of going to the Christmas Market in Toronto’s historic Distillery District, I walked through the area and went to the Winter Village at Evergreen Brick Works with my family. Unfortunately the winter village was a bit of a bust (though well-marketed) but it was fun to walk around the Brick Works.

Fitness class at Strive: skipped this one (my running injury and plyometrics don’t mix well)

Brunch at The Beet: done on December 24

For the past couple years, it has been tradition for my friend Hilary and I to have brunch on Christmas Eve at the Beet, a healthy farm-to-table cafe in Toronto’s Junction. It’s especially great post-workout at RPM Total Fitness.

Good thing winter isn’t over yet, I’ve got plenty of adventures to cross off my list. Stay tuned for my next update! What adventures have you had this winter? 


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