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Post-Marathon Recovery and Life Lately

Post-Marathon Recovery and Life Lately
Post-Marathon Recovery and Life Lately

Hello internet! It has been a little while. The last few weeks have honestly been a little weird. I am very glad I planned a vacation immediately after the Portland Marathon. It helped soften the blow of the post-marathon blues and it was such a fun way to celebrate!


A week after running the marathon, I returned to group personal training at my neighbourhood gym. I almost fainted at the end of the marathon but figured that was just a one-time thing. Then I almost passed out at the gym! We were doing jumps over a bench, I tripped and fell, and almost fainted. I decided that my body temporarily hated me for running a marathon. (Don’t worry, I’m also getting my iron levels tested.) Later in the week, I indulged in a massage and finally dragged myself to the chiropractor to resolve longstanding piriformis and hip tightness.


By the end of the week, I was sick with a cold which turned into a weeklong flu. The chiropractor appointments were helping but struck a nerve, literally. In case you’re wondering, irritating your sciatic nerve is really painful. I was convinced I would never walk again, let alone run. Yes a tad dramatic.


Attempting to cure the plague with copious amounts of green smoothies

A month after the marathon I was finally able to run again. Despite some lingering tightness, I am feeling a lot better and almost 100%, I hope! Last week I ran 4 times and we’ll see what happens this week. I didn’t realize how happy running made me until I was forced to stop doing it. I have so much more empathy for people who are injured and forced to stop exercising.


I’m not quite sure what to do next running-wise. After the marathon, I felt physically and emotionally exhausted. I wanted to take a break from everything, including blogging apparently. I’m feeling pretty unmotivated to following a training plan now, though I also love the structure and sense of accomplishment in following one. I have signed up for a half marathon in early February so I should get back to speed work one of these days. I also made a goal of running 28 km on my birthday (I turn 28 on December 19). We’ll see about that one! For now, I’m doing my best to enjoy running and upping my workout intensity in the gym, something I was hesitant to do during marathon training.

Adventures Lately

Enough of this running talk! Here’s a few things I’ve been up to over the past few weeks in pictures. 

Less running means more time in the kitchen. I have been cooking up soups and stews, pancakes, smoothies, salads, muffins and more. I have also enjoyed cooking for others: brunch for friends this past Sunday and being part of a monthly cooking club.


Vancouver has been hit by a lot of rain, seemingly more than usual. But sometimes it really is sunshine and rainbows here.

Not being able to run meant I took a lot of long walks. When the scenery is like this, it’s hard to complain.

I am a published photographer! Self Magazine contacted me several weeks ago asking if they could feature my photo in a #SeenOnMyRun article. It came out in their November issue.


I did a 10 mile run this past Sunday, my longest run since the marathon. It was very wet but fantastic to be out there again.


I snuck out of a work early last week to catch the evening sunset and do an easy run before heading off to a work dinner. These evenings make it easier to forget the copious amounts of rain we get.


Taking time to explore the Stanley Park trails and rose garden on a Saturday morning.

I miss fall in Ontario and the dramatic changing of colours, but fall ain’t too bad in Vancouver either.


One afternoon, I bused over to the North Shore and hiked around Rice Lake, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, and over to Lynn Canyon. I have to remember to do more hikes this fall and winter!

Other than the usual outdoor adventures, I continue to drink too much coffee and have been catching up with friends, trying to revive my social life post-race, and keeping busy at work.

I am counting down the days until I fly to the Cayman Islands in December to celebrate a friend’s wedding. Then it’s back to Toronto for Christmas at home!

  • Syd says:

    So happy to hear you are feeling better and able to run again. Not running totallt sucks!

    I definitely agree with not wanting to have a training plan post-marathon! I also enjoy the structure, but after so much structure it’s nice to have a bit more freedom with runs and workouts. For me, my serious training will start again in January, so until then I’m doing a training plan but it’s not super rigid. Is it first half you are doing in Feb?

    Also, congratulations on being a published photographer, that’s so awesome and exciting. You do always have the best scenic photos!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts now that you are back up and running (and blogging) ?.

  • I felt that way after my marathon last year, like I just wanted a break from it all or my body would quite literally break. Embrace the freedom and chance to switch up your fitness. 🙂 Those Vancouver photos make me want to move back (hint: I haven’t stopped my search for jobs there)!

    • says:

      Glad I am not the only one! This past week actually my motivation has increased a lot… maybe I’m finally coming around. But definitely having the break – mentally and physically – was so needed and nice! Good luck on the job hunt, both you and Jo should move here.

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