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Friday Favourites #1 – Vancouver Eats and Adventures

Friday Favourites #1 - Vancouver Eats and Adventures
Friday Favourites #1 – Vancouver Eats and Adventures

I love to explore new places in and around Vancouver, get lost on the trails, and eat my way through the city! In the Friday Favourites series I’ll share the latest places I’ve explored, eaten at, and adventured to. You can find previous posts on exploring Vancouver here.

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Scone with coddled cream and homemade raspberry jam at Small Victory Bakery

A few weeks ago, I walked into work to find a small box on my desk. My friend and coworker Stacey brought me a scone from Small Victory Bakery! It was topped with coddled cream and homemade raspberry jam. Yes, it is as good as it sounds! The scone wasn’t overly sweet, which made the combination of flavours all the more delicious.

Prosciutto and vine tomato salad at Finch’s

I always see pictures of salads from Finch’s Tea House on Instagram and have been meaning to go! I finally made it there for a lunch meeting and loved my salad. Simple, high-quality and fresh ingredients lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, dill and vinaigrette. I’ll definitely be back!

Finch's Tea House Salad

Americano at Timbertrain Coffee

On my way back from Finch’s I stopped by Timbertrain Coffee in Gastown for an Americano. The coffee is consistently good and one of my favourites in the city.

Sakura Cherry Green Tea at David’s Tea 

I am addicted to the Sakura Cherry green tea at David’s Tea. In August, I spent awhile at the David’s Tea in the Toronto airport and tried the tea for the first time. I haven’t stopped drinking it since! The tea smells and tastes like candy but not in an overly sweet way (like some of the other David Tea flavours).

Sheep’s Milk Yogurt at Whole Foods

I don’t eat much yogurt, but when I get a craving for some I tend to look for dairy-free yogurt or types lower in lactose than cow’s milk. I recently picked up a grass-fed sheep’s milk yogurt from Whole Foods. It was delicious, creamy, thick and high in protein. I love stirring in peanut butter, cinnamon and banana because everything is better with peanut butter.

Virtuous Pie Pizza

Plant-based Pizza at Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie is a new pizza place in Vancouver that serves entirely plant-based pizza and ice cream. Gluten-free pizza crust is also available. Intrigued by their homemade nut cheese and unique pizza combinations, I knew I had to try it out. So I gathered up a few friends for a pizza party! While I’m glad I tried it, none of us really liked our pizzas and the service wasn’t the greatest. The pizzas look better in pictures!

Power bowl at Chau Veggie Express on Granville Island

Chau Veggie Express is one of my 15 favourite healthy restaurants in Vancouver, but I had yet to try their new location on Granville Island. A few weekends ago, I took the aqua bus over to Granville Island for dinner at Chau! I do like the original location better – there is actual seating and the food is actually plated versus takeout style – but it was delicious nonetheless.

Chau Veggie Express

What’s the best meal you’ve had lately? What are your favourite pizza toppings? 


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