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Hawaiian Coffee and Hollyburn Mountain

Hawaiian Coffee and Hollyburn Mountain
Hawaiian Coffee and Hollyburn Mountain

I love to explore new places in and around Vancouver, get lost on the trails, and eat my way through the city! In the My Vancouver series I’ll share the latest places I’ve explored, eaten at, and adventured to. You can find previous posts on exploring Vancouver here.

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Americano at Honolulu Coffee

When a new coffee shop opens up near my office, it is a rule that I just have to try it out. Have to keep things new and exciting at work! I’ve been back to Honolulu Coffee a number of times now. I really like their Americano and the relaxed, beach (or yes Hawaiian) atmosphere inside. Honolulu Coffee’s beans come from their Kona coffee farm. They also serve smoothies, kombucha, sandwiches, and yummy treats. This is the first Honolulu Coffee location in Vancouver and the majority of the locations are actually in Hawaii.


Takeaway at Nuba

Usually I bring my lunch to work, but if I forget or am too lazy to do so, Nuba in Yaletown is one of my go-to spots for takeout. They have a few dishes at the front counter cooler that are great for a quick and cheap lunch ($5 per container). I like the eggplant stew, red lentil soup, and mjadra (green lentils and rice with onions and jalapeno).

Lunch at Tableau Bar and Bistro

A few weeks ago, we went to Tableau Bar and Bistro for a client meeting at work. I walk by the restaurant all the time and hear great things about their food (especially brunch) but had never tried it. The service was very good and it was a great place for a business lunch (quiet and classy atmosphere and quick to get our food). We all loved our French-inspired dishes. I had the lunch special, a brown rice bowl with roasted chicken and all sorts of goodies on top. The French fries are also very good.

Brunch at Forage

The creampuff at Forage will forever be one of my favourite desserts so I was excited to return to the restaurant for brunch. Bonus: they take brunch reservations (very hard to find in Vancouver on the weekends). Want to learn more about the restaurant and its chef to cuisine? Sarah at Bucket List Tummy recently wrote a great review of Forage, her experience there, and the restaurant’s commendable efforts to reduce waste and source the majority of their food locally.


Eat2Run 5-Day Kickstart Cleanse

I have followed Sarah (Run Faster Sarah on Instagram) at Eat2Run’s blog and Instagram for awhile. I love her holistic approach to nutrition and her educational posts on how to improve your running through the food you eat. When she posted on Instagram that she was looking for people to try her 5-Day Kickstart Cleanse I jumped at the chance.

The cleanse is designed for anyone looking to improve their energy and digestion, recover faster, and feel lighter. There are two options for the cleanse: the classic and the fat-burner. I chose the fat-burner because it did not have beans, grains, or legumes on the ingredient list.

I can assure you that even during my highest mileage week, I did not go hungry on this cleanse. It was a great reminder to eat whole and real foods, try savoury instead of sweet options for breakfast, and ensure I fuel adequately for my activity level. All the recipes were really enjoyable. I especially liked the dairy-free hemp ranch dip, the cherry blast recovery shake, and the savoury breakfast scramble.


Currently Exploring

Hiking Hollyburn Mountain

I hiked Hollyburn Mountain twice this summer: once on Canada Day and once in mid-August. Both times it has been sunny and warm in Vancouver and cloudy and chilly on top of the mountain. I assure you there are even more spectacular 360 degree views of the area when you reach the top of the mountain, you just can’t see them here.

Hollyburn Mountain is one of my favourite hikes for the best “bang for your buck.” It is approximately 3 hours roundtrip with a moderate amount of climbing, but very scenic. The hike starts at a relatively high elevation from the Cypress Mountain cross-country ski area. Along way, you don’t spend much time in the forest. Instead, you’ll walk up winding trails, past ponds, views of the city down below, and views of Grouse Mountain and the Sunshine Coast to your left and right.

Have you tried a cleanse before? What is your favourite dessert?


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