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Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 13

Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 13
Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 13

On October 9, 2016, I will be running Marathon No. 2: the Portland Marathon. Follow along as I post my weekly training recaps. All training recaps can be found here.

Here is week 13 of my marathon training: 

This week was actually a really good week of workouts. Mentally, I feel like I have had such a shift in perspective. I have really been trying to focus on accepting discomfort with ease versus panic and it is making a significant difference in my workouts and how I react to tough or intimidating runs and distances.

September 5: rest (long walk and stretching) 

Friends and I planned to hike Diez Vistas on Labour Day Monday but the weather forecast in Port Moody said rain so we rescheduled. I was pretty happy to spend the morning relaxing. In the afternoon, I ventured out to Burnaby and explored several parks in the area. Read more about my adventures here. I spent some time stretching in the evening and managed to get almost 8 hours of sleep on Monday, hooray!

September 6: group personal training in AM

Not working out on Monday morning is pretty fantastic. I actually feel excited to get back to the gym on Tuesday mornings. Let me tell you, this is not a feeling I always have during marathon training. Unfortunately, I had to skip my marathon clinic and speed workout in the evening because of a work commitment. However, I did enjoy a tasty glass of Merlot at one of my favourite wine bars in downtown Vancouver, Uva.

September 7: group personal training in AM + acupuncture + 7 mile (11.25 km) run in PM

I got another 8 hours of sleep on Tuesday (a serious victory in my books) so I was feeling pretty good at the gym this morning. I took the pace a bit slower and really focused on lifting heavier weights and with proper form. It sure felt harder!

In the afternoon, I returned to see Suka at Acupoint Wellness for another acupuncture and cupping session. The release – physical or emotional – wasn’t as drastic as the first appointment, but neither was the pain. I still felt so much better after the appointment and I can feel the difference in my running. Everything feels looser and easier. Suka also recommended taking fish oil and eating plenty of omegas like hemp seeds and flax seeds to reduce inflammation in my body.

I did an easy run in the evening around the seawall and Stanley Park. Despite feeling a little groggy from acupuncture and sore from my morning workout, it was a pretty good run.

September 8: group personal training in AM

I woke up with some very sore muscles this morning. We did a lot of hard exercises on Wednesday morning, like elevated split squats, core work, and chin-up negatives with your feet in an L-shape to work your core. But back to the gym I went on Thursday morning for another sweaty group personal training workout.

I fully planned to do my speed workout at night but I was tired, sorer than usual, and just had no desire to do it. I have rarely skipped a workout in this training cycle just because I was tired so I gave myself a pass and put off the speed workout for Friday.

September 9: group personal training in AM + 9 miles (14.5 km) speed workout

Up and at ’em for another group personal training workout in the morning. I managed to sneak out of work a bit early on Friday. After a quick stop at home, it was time for my speed workout. Honestly, I had been dreading this workout all week. I’m sure putting it off for so long was not helping the situation! I ended up doing the majority of the workout on the treadmill. I warmed up easy for 1.5 miles. Then I did 4 sets of mile repeats at increasingly faster pace (7:40 min/mile pace, 7:35 pace, 7:30 pace, 7:30 pace). I recovered between each repeat for 0.25 miles. By the end I was so sick of being on the treadmill so I cooled down outside on the seawall with 3 miles easy. I hadn’t planned to go so far but the sun was setting and #photoop.

September 10: 4.5 miles (7.25 km) easy run + 2 hour easy hike + stretching in PM

I started the day with 4.5 gloriously easy miles on the trails. After coffee with a friend, I took the bus to Grouse Mountain and the gondola up to the top of the mountain for a quick 2 hour hike. I will be sharing a post soon on these hiking adventures! It was a beautiful afternoon to be out in the mountains.

September 11: 20 miles (32 km) long run + stretching in PM

Sunday’s run was a serious confidence booster. During Friday’s speed workout I really felt like my training is clicking. It was nice to have a good long run on Sunday too! We did a pretty simple route with the final 10 miles on the flat seawall, the only downside being encountering a walk/run race in progress. We really pushed the pace and it made me feel a little more confident about my goal marathon pace. Whenever I became a little scared about the pace or not being able to keep it up for 20 miles, I thought of the words ease and relax and this really helped! I’ve also found it helpful to take a moment and evaluate how my body is actually feeling. Half the time my legs and breathing are fine, I just get freaked out about the pace on my watch. Physically my body felt pretty good at the end of the run, just very tired and ready for some hours on the couch.

PS. in case you missed it: on Friday I shared 27 of my favourite running mantras and quotes that motivate me during tough runs and inspire me to race my best

Did you have any outdoor adventures this weekend? Do you get anxious before or during tough workouts? 


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