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My Vancouver #5: Smoothie Deliveries & Goji Berry Picking

My Vancouver #5: Smoothie Deliveries & Goji Berry Picking
My Vancouver #5: Smoothie Deliveries & Goji Berry Picking

I love to explore new places in and around Vancouver, get lost on the trails, and eat my way through the city. In the My Vancouver series I’ll share the latest places I’ve explored, eaten at, and adventured to.

Currently Eating

Home smoothie delivery from The Good Stuff

A few weeks ago, I won a giveaway on my friend Angela’s blog for 6 ready-to-blend smoothies from Vancouver’s The Good Stuff. What could be better than smoothies delivered to your doorstep? I ordered: 2 Diesel Monsters (Yam, Banana, Kale, Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder, Peanut Butter, Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon), 2 Thunderbird (Banana, Yam, Kale, Spinach, Blueberry, Hemp Hearts, Oats, Parsley, Beet Root Powder), 1 Kitsilano Sunrise (Carrot, Banana, Chard, Spinach, Brazil Nuts, Maple Syrup, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Black Pepper), and 1 Madagascar (Banana, Carrot, Strawberry, Mango, Spinach, Goji Berry, Chia Seeds, Coconut Oil).

The Good Stuff delivers your smoothies in a cooler filled with freezer packs. The smoothies should be popped into your freezer within 2-3 hours. Inside the cooler are labelled paper cups filled with the smoothie ingredients. When you are ready to drink a smoothie, grab the cup, dump the ingredients into your blender, add your liquid of choice, and blend.

While I likely won’t order the service again – I don’t make smoothies as often anymore and I find it just as easy to buy my own ingredients and experiment with new flavours – it was incredibly convenient, the customer service was great, and the smoothies are very tasty.


Iced Latte with made-from-scratch Cashew & Almond Milk

When I first moved to Vancouver, there were very few coffee shops that make their own almond or nut milk. Now, I find more and more that do. I tried the iced latte at Elysian Coffee on Burrard made with homemade cashew and almond milk. It is incredibly creamy and delicious and I highly recommend it.

Whole Foods Salad Bar Hack: Smoked Salmon 

I am always on the hunt for ways to reduce my Whole Foods salad bar cost. I wasn’t tempted by any of the protein options one evening, so I picked up a container of smoked salmon by the cash for an alternative, cheaper, and tasty salad topping.


Vegetarian Dinner at The Acorn

Dinner at The Acorn has been on my list of Vancouver things to do since I moved to the city 4 years ago. The Acorn is an “award-winning, vegetable-forward restaurant and bar” on Main Street. They serve creative meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Vegan, gluten-free, or carnivore, you are sure to find something you enjoy.

My friend Nikki and I shared the Sea Appetizer (pictured above) and it was the highlight of our meal: Shiitake Mushroom and Black Garlic Cashew Paté, Smoked Onion Kelp Sauce, “Salt Water”, Pickled Sea Greens, Taro Chips. It tasted like sour cream and onion dip, but vegan, gluten-free, and way better. We both got the Lentil Salad for our main: Raw Sprouted and Soaked Grains, Spring Greens, Herbed Cashew Dressing, Avocado, Flax Flower Cracker. If you like avocado this is the dish for you.


Currently Exploring

Gojoy Goji Berries Farm

Did you know goji berries grow in British Columbia? I had no idea until Angela and I toured the Gojoy Goji Berries Farm in Aldergrove. Peter Breederland, Owner of Gojoy, began his goji berry growing experiment in 2010. The farm has only recently been open to the public for people to come and pick their own goji berries. Peter is Canada’s only, or at least the largest-scale goji berry farmer in the country.


They kindly let us eat goji berries right off the bush. The fresh berries taste so much better than the dried berries you find at the grocery and health food stores. Each berry tastes a little bit different, some sweeter than others, and they’re filled with tiny little seeds. You can add the fresh berries to anything: smoothies, cereals, cookies, salads, soups, chutneys, sauces, and curries. The Gojoy website has a great collection of goji berry recipes here.

If you are looking for a unique and healthful outing in Vancouver, you can drop by Gojoy Farms and pick your own goji berries!


Do you like goji berries? What’s the best meal you’ve had lately?


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