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Hiking Garibaldi Lake {in pictures}

Hiking Garibaldi Lake {in pictures}
Hiking Garibaldi Lake {in pictures}

On a Sunday in July, my friend Angela and I finally lucked out with a sunny day and made the 1-1.5 hour drive to Garibaldi Provincial Park for a hike.

The hike to Garibaldi Lake has been on my adventure bucket list for months, so I was very excited! Garibaldi Provincial Park is located in between Squamish and Whistler, 70 km north of Vancouver. The drive to the park itself is beautiful, taking you along the Sea-to-Sky Highway. If you have time, stop at: Shannon Falls and Porteau Cove for photographs; and Fergie’s Cafe for locally-sourced and delicious brunch.

Angela and I completed the Garibaldi Lake Hike with a detour through Taylor Meadows for a total 20 km and 5 hours of hiking with breaks. This is easily one of the best and most scenic hikes I have done in British Columbia. Find the full trail directions at

We began the hike with a steady 6 km ascent through the dense Douglas Fir Trees forest. While beautiful, it seemed to go on forever. 

We added a few kilometres onto the hike by going through Taylor Meadows. The views are stunning, with the imposing Black Tusk Mountain in the background. In late summer, the meadow is covered with alpine flowers.


We meandered through the meadow and eventually the trail returns into the forest. We descended a steep dirt slope, and were treated to our first views of the turquoise-coloured Garibaldi Lake.

After crossing a wooden bridge to the other side of Garibaldi Lake and spotting a pantsless fisherman, the views only got better.



We wandered along the rocky shoreline to the other side of the lake. We were rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and distant glaciers.


If you are camping at Garibaldi Lake before embarking on a longer hike to Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge, this is where you would find your camp site and plenty of outhouses. Hurray! 


After soaking up the views, we turned back, crossing over the small wooden bridge and beginning our ascent to the trail junction. We bypassed Taylor Meadows and returned to the parking lot and our starting point via a shorter, but very scenic route.

I love when a hike’s return route is different than the route there. 5 hours later, we arrived back at the car with tired legs and grumbling stomachs. Looking for a hike to add to your adventure bucket list? I highly recommend Garibaldi Lake. 


What is the top item on your adventure bucket list? Have you gone on any hikes this summer? 

  • Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! What camera do you use? We plan on spending a few days in Whistler on our trip but maybe we can stop here on our way back to Vancouver!

    • says:

      Thanks Sarah! I just use my iPhone 6 then a few apps to edit. My favourite is Snapseed. Amazing you’ll be in Whistler, there are so many great hikes in the surrounding area. Joffre Lakes is also supposed to be beautiful! I definitely recommend checking out the Vancouver Trails website if you’re in need of hike suggestions for Whistler. People’s comments on each hike are super helpful.

  • Jessica says:

    OMG – what a STUNNING hike! I cannot wait to explore the area. 🙂

    • says:

      Definitely one of the best! That lake, so beautiful! And the mountains, sigh. You’ll love it!

  • Ahh this was such a great one!! I can’t wait to do it again. And your photos….. SO stunning. Looking forward to more adventures this weekend!

    • says:

      It was so beautiful! I really want to see Joffre Lakes too, the photos of that hike are stunning! Can’t wait for more adventures this weekend.

  • Syd says:

    Wow! Great photos! This hike is on my list also, how challenging would you say the terrain is? Considering taking my parents ta there when they are visiting from Toronto.

    • says:

      It is challenging! Admittedly, I find it a bit hard to know whether a hike is hard now… Haha! But I would say the first 6 km really are uphill, steep at times. The terrain itself isn’t bad (the trails are well maintained and pretty smooth and it only gets a little “technical” as you get closer to the lake). It’s more the elevation and the length/distance that makes it hard.

  • This looks incredible!!!

  • Annmarie says:

    Wow wow wow, those are some INCREDIBLE pictures! Makes me want to go to Vancouver stat!

    • says:

      Thank you! Vancouver sure is a beautiful place, I definitely recommend paying us a visit!

  • What an unbelievably gorgeous hike!
    I’m pumped to meet up with Ange at SeaWheeze this year, she’s so sweet. Will you be around then, too?

    • says:

      It sure was a beautiful one! I am in PEI August 12-20 so unfortunately I think I may miss a lot of the Seawheeze festivities! Unless people are arriving earlier in the week.

  • WOW. This looks like a gorgeous place for a hike! Vancouver is at the top of my trip list. I visited Portland for the first time earlier this year and was blown away by all the natural beauty and all the GREEN! We’re having such a drought in LA that I miss seeing green grass & trees. I’ve been doing some hikes around Angeles National Forest – we have a six peak challenge in LA that I’m trying to complete. Really hoping to get up to Vancouver next year for SeaWheeze!

    • says:

      I am visiting Portland in October for the marathon and can’t wait, I have never been but always see such gorgeous pictures of it. I also hear about all the fantastic hikes in LA and California. I’ve got my eyes on some trail races there. A 6 peak challenge – that sounds epic and fun, good luck! Hope you make it to Vancouver soon!

  • Cindy says:

    Beautiful pics! I just started following your blog and I love it. Question- were there a lot of people on the trail during your hike? Thinking of doing the hike when I’m out there for work but I would be doing it alone. Thanks!

    • says:

      Thank you so much Cindy, I really appreciate that! When we were doing it, it was pretty busy – not like super, super busy (if you’ve ever done Quarry Rock in Deep Cove) but we saw people quite a bit on the weekend. I’ve done hiking alone and I’d feel pretty comfortable hiking this on my own, if it’s a nice day and/or weekend! The only part where we really didn’t see anyone was the detour through Taylor Meadows, but you could always skip that.

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