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My Marathon Training Essentials Part 1: Favourite Clothing

My Marathon Training Essentials Part 1: Favourite Clothing
My Marathon Training Essentials Part 1: Favourite Clothing

Running itself can be very simple: put on a pair of shoes and go. But, when you start running more or training for a long-distance race, it can become a little more involved. Here is part 1 of my marathon training essentials: my favourite running clothing, outerwear, shoes, and socks.

Stay tuned for part 2 (nutrition, fuel, recovery) and part 3 (cross-training, support).

Shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus 17 Lite Show

Before I began training for my first half marathon in Fall 2015, I went to the Running Room and was properly fitted for running shoes. I would highly recommend visiting your local running store, getting some advice on the best shoe for you (i.e. cushioning, neutral or stability, etc.), and trying out a few pairs to find what feels the best. My first part of long distance running shoes was the Asics Gel Flux 2. But now, I am hooked on the Asics Gel Cumulus 17 (I won’t tell you how many pairs I own).

Socks: Lululemon Speed Sock

Until I started running longer distances, I entirely underestimated the necessity of good socks. My friend and ultra-runner Pargol suggested I pick up a pair of Lululemon Speed Socks and I have not looked back! With the exception of the actual marathon, I have never gotten blisters wearing these socks.

IMG_2855 (1)

Short-Sleeve Tops: Lululemon Power Y Tank, Old Navy Racer Back 

I have tried a variety of tank tops and am not too picky but I do like a longer fitting top that does not ride or move up as you run. The Lululemon Power Y Tank and the Old Navy Racer Back both fit the bill.

Long-Sleeve Tops: Lole Long Sleeve

I picked up this long sleeve top on a whim while shopping at the Lole store in Banff (lower tax than BC!). I have worn it for more runs than I can count. It’s light, but a good layer when the weather is wet and somewhat cold. I love the long sleeves and thumb holes. After many washes and multiple sweaty runs, the shirt is still in great shape.


Bottoms: Lululemon Run Inspire Crop, Old Navy Compression Capris

The Lululemon Run Inspire Crop is great for warmer days: the material is quite thin (but not see-through) and there is mesh paneling on the sides. The back zipper pocket is handy for keys or a debit card (or else I’m just stuffing the keys down my bra). However, during longer and sweaty runs, I have found some chaffing… just a warning! My other go-to is the Old Navy High-Waist Compression Capris. Affordable, thicker material, and I never feel like they are going to fall down.

Outerwear: The North Face Dyvinity Jacket, Lululemon Go the Distance Run Jacket

The North Face Dyvinity Jacket is perfect for winter training (at least here in BC): it has a weather-resistant soft-shell, with knit sleeves and side panels. I love the longer back, and the cinched waist, giving it a more feminine feel and a fun added detail. The Lululemon Go the Distance Run Jacket is great for wet fall or spring weather: lightweight, water-repellant (though you still will get wet), and a stowable hood. There is a drawcord at the back and waist to customize the fit, venting at the back, reflective details, and several pockets (including a hole to put your headphones through).

IMG_2868 (1)

Hat: Lululemon Race to Place Run Hat

I was never one to wear a hat running, but then I started training outside no matter the weather and a hat became essential! Hats are great for keeping the pouring rain off your face. Or, on marathon day, the weather was super hot and sunny, and wearing a hat made a huge difference for keeping me a little cooler! I find the Lululemon Race to Place Run Hat stays in place, keeps my head cool, and helps keeps my face dry with its sweat-wicking fabric.

Headband: Zella Double-the-Fun Headband

If I am not wearing a hat, I’ll wear this Zella Double-the-Fun headband to keep my hair out of my face. I love the double band as a fun stylish touch. It stays in place and does not slide off my head, even during hard runs. You can find Zella at Nordstrom. I also love their colourful tights, comfy long sleeves, and well-fitted jackets.

Bra: Lululemon Energy Bra

I have picked up sports bras here and there from Gap and Old Navy, but the Lululemon Energy Bra is by the far the most comfortable and the best quality. It provides moderate support and I wore it for my first marathon and barely noticed it was there!

Underwear: Lululemon Namastay Put Hipster

In an effort to avoid chaffing (and panty lines) I picked up a pair of Lululemon Namastay Put Hipster underwear. They are very comfortable and thin, but do stay in place.


Bag: Lululemon Run all day backpack

I recently bought the Lululemon Run All Day Backpack on a suggestion from Ange at Cow Girl Runs. Ange had posted on Instagram that she was run commuting to work and this was her go to bag to wear while running. I have only used it for hiking and day trips so far, but I love it! It is very functional and well-designed, plenty of pockets, a bungee cord system to keep your gear in place, zip pocket and removable storage bag for sweaty gear, and a space to put in a water bladder. It seems to stay in place well when running (specifically when I was running late to catch the float plane to Victoria…).

My sister also owns it and used it while we were hiking in Alaska, and really seemed to like it! She’s pretty picky, so I figured this would be a solid purchase.

What is your favourite piece of running clothing?  

  • Syd says:

    Sounds like some great choices! Admittedly, I am also a running shoe finatic, better than high heels right?! My absolute favourite piece of running gear is the flip belt. If you need to run with your phone this is an easy and comfortable way to carry it. It does not bounce around and distract from running -well, when not stopped to take photos ?. It also has clips to attach keys so they stay in place. Since the pocket runs through the entire belt you can also fit fuel and debit cards or whatever is needed. I highly recommend it!

    • says:

      Haha I rarely, if ever wear heels! And these days, I get so much more use out of running shoes anyways. I have a spi-belt! Is that the same as a flip belt? I have a feeling not, because my bounces around all the time! I need to check this out, it sounds very handy… as I definitely stuff my keys down my bra, and take pictures often.

  • When I saw underwear, I scrolled back up and was like, “WAIT. WUT? Are you supposed to wear undies while running?” Cause I definitely don’t. Thankfully my lady parts don’t chafe. I should get these for my BF and his ball chafing probs. HAHAHAAHAH I love me. So much.

    • says:

      Hahaha! It is such a divisive topic – I was reading some blog on Oiselle a while back debating the same thing! I hear the Lululemon underwear for men is great.

  • […] At work: blazers from Kit & Ace (love that they are machine-washable) and skirts and wrap dresses from The Bay (seriously a great place to buy inexpensive, high-quality work clothes – so many sales). Workout: I generally stick to Lululemon, Old Navy, and Zella workout clothes. I shared some of my favourite running clothes here. […]

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