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Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 4

Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 4
Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 4

On October 9, 2016, I will be running Marathon No. 2: the Portland Marathon! Follow along as I post my weekly training recaps. All training recaps can be found here.

Here is week 4 of 17 of my marathon training:

Shit got real this week! I think it has finally hit me that I am in fact, training for a marathon and voluntarily subjecting myself to running 42.2 km again! I am in for 13 more weeks of running, soreness, frustration, exhilaration, exhaustion, and seeing what I am capable of.

July 4: group personal training in AM

A solid full-body strength and conditioning workout. We ended the workout with a 4 minute wall-sit. This may not have been the best idea the day before hill repeats.


July 5: group personal training in AM and 5 miles (8 km) hill repeats in PM

Today, I was reminded of why I joined the marathon clinic and the power of training partners! I tried to bail on the clinic tonight, but my friend Wade firmly (but kindly) told me I wasn’t getting out of running hill repeats. The workout was tough, but I am so glad I went and I know (or seriously hope) these workouts will make me stronger come race day. We ran 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles hill repeats, 1 mile cool down. It made a huge difference having everyone else there doing the repeats with me. Even though we’re all different paces, we all cheer each other on as we run up and down the same hill 5 times. I likely would not do this workout on my own!

July 6: group personal training in AM + rolling out with lacrosse ball in PM

We did some new-to-me exercises including depth reverse lunges with a kettle bell and depth split squats with dumbbells (both times our feet were raised on top of a bench): a great way to switch up your lower body workout and really feel the burn. That evening, I picked up my very first pair of trail running shoes at MEC. I can’t wait to try them out and kick start some new running goals!

July 7: group personal training in AM + long seawall walk in PM

This morning was a great mix of circuit-training and heavy lifting. We ended the workout with 100 burpees, good morning! I took a 1.5 hour rainy walk on the seawall that night.


July 8: 8 miles (13 km) run in AM + vinyasa yoga in PM

I am loving not having a “set” workout for my Friday runs (entirely different from my first marathon training cycle)! I head out and see how I feel and go from there. I ran 1 mile easy, 2 miles at a moderate-hard pace. Then, I picked up the pace and did 4 rounds of 4 minutes hard + 3-4 minutes recovery. I cooled down with 1-1.5 miles. I was spent by the end! That evening, I went to a vinyasa yoga class with one of my favourite teachers.

July 9: 15 miles (24 km) long run + 60 minutes stretch and rolling out in PM

This was a very bad long run, probably the worst I have ever had. I am sure it was a combination of factors: running later in the day, doing it on my own, not eating properly the day of or the day before, a long week of hard workouts, and lack of recovery. The route I did was relatively hard (multiple hills and partly on trails). To make matters worse, early on in the run, I hit my leg against a bathroom stall door, cut it and began bleeding. Then, in the last 5 km, I tripped over a kid who came out of nowhere and we both fell to the ground. But what does matter is, despite a few too many walk breaks, I finished. I try to remember that bad runs like these are important: they show that we’re capable of pushing through and finishing, especially when things get uncomfortable, everything hurts, and you just want to stop.


July 10: 20 km hike to Garibaldi Lake 

My friend Angela and I headed up to Garibaldi Provincial Park (located in between Squamish and Whistler) on Sunday and did the 20 km Garibaldi Lake hike. We finally did not get rained on during a hike and the scenery was spectacular! It was a steady uphill climb for the first 6 km, rolling hills for the next 8 km, and a steep downhill for the last 6 km, so my legs are a little tired now to say the least, but the soreness was totally worth it. I will be sharing more about this hike in a post coming soon!

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What was your favourite workout from the past week? How do you deal with a very bad run or workout?


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