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Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 3

Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 3
Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 3

On October 9, 2016, I will be running Marathon No. 2: the Portland Marathon! Follow along as I post my weekly training recaps. All training recaps can be found here.

Here is week 3 of 17 of my marathon training:

June 27: group personal training

June 28: group personal training in AM and 7 miles (11 km) hill repeats in PM + 20 minutes foam roll and stretch

I haven’t had that hard a group personal training class in awhile and at the risk of turning this into a cheesy post, it reignited that fire in me to start training hard (or at least I hope)! There were only 3 of us in class, so we did a lot of strength exercises with the squat rack. We kicked off the class with barbell back-squats: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off x 9!

That evening, I went to my weekly marathon clinic. Every clinic kicks off with a guest speaker. This week, we heard from Lewis Morrison of Peak Performance Centre. I really enjoyed the talk! He spoke about the 5 key zones we should be training in (based on heart-rate, intensity and effort), how this correlates to our lactate, aerobic, and anaerobic thresholds, and ultimately how fast and long we can run at that pace. He also covered proper fuelling. I am very tempted to go into Peak Performance and get my own assessment done!

After the talk, our group headed out to do hill repeats. For any Vancouver runners, we ran to West 2nd and Arbutus. From there, we ran up and down the hill, along West 2nd to MacDonald and back (2.25 km or 1.4 mi there and back). 4 hill repeats and almost 5 km later, combined with this morning’s workout, my legs were done. Having everyone else there doing hill repeats with me made a huge different in my motivation and pace!


June 29: group personal training

My legs were dying: Tuesday’s back squats and hill repeats made for a killer combination and I slightly suffered through this morning’s workout.

June 30: group personal training in AM and 7 recovery miles (11 km) in PM + 25 minutes stretch


July 1: 3 hour hike on Hollyburn Mountain


July 2: 6 miles (10 km) tempo run + walking

For my second round of marathon training, I have added in a 4th day of running (during my first marathon I ran 3 times per week and went to GPT 4 times per week). Weekly, I plan to do: 1 long run, 1 hill or speed workout at the marathon clinic, 1 recovery/easy run, and 1 run TBC based on how I feel! I was feeling good this morning, so I warmed up for 1 mile, ran 4 miles at tempo, wanted to die a little, and cooled down for 1 mile. It was a great workout!

After my workout, I crossed a big item off my adventure bucket list and took a float plane to Victoria for the day. Stay tuned for my post on what to do when you have 8 hours in Victoria! I walked for hours and ended up with over 40K steps at the end of the day. Also I don’t know if it the increase in mileage, or just one of those week’s, but I have been so hungry this week! Please feed me all the sweet potatoes and coconut butter.


July 3: 11.8 miles (19 km) long run + 30 minute foam roll and stretch

I headed out this morning with my marathon clinic for a 19 km long run around the seawall, over to Stanley Park, through the trails, up to Prospect Point, and back. I ran with the 3:30/3:45 marathon pace group (versus the 4:00 pace group) and was so proud I was able to keep up for the most part!

What was your favourite workout from the past week? Are you training for anything right now?


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