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My Vancouver #1: Eating and exploring my way through the city

My Vancouver #1: Eating and exploring my way through the city
My Vancouver #1: Eating and exploring my way through the city

I love to explore new places in and around Vancouver, get lost on the trails, and eat my way through the city! In the My Vancouver series I’ll share the latest places I’ve explored, eaten at, and adventured to. I’d love to hear about your latest city discoveries!

Currently eating

MELU Juice & Health Bar

The owners are lovely and their food is tasty. My favourites are the nut mylks (Cacao Monkey and Pink Elephant) and hot bowls on zucchini noodles (Tom-Yum Carrot, Curry Yam, and Cream of Mushroom Miso). Mostly vegan and gluten-free, but you’d never know!


Whole Foods Chocolate Orb Balls

I am (unfortunately) addicted to these massive energy balls. They are perfect for a snack on the go or to satisfy that chocolate craving in a relatively healthy way!

JJ Bean Cold Brew Coffee

JJ Bean is my favourite coffee in the city and I get so excited when summer rolls around and their cold brew makes it return! You can now buy cartons of their cold brew at JJ Bean locations and select grocery stores in Vancouver.

Field & Social

Opening in late February 2016, Field & Social is such a lovely spot, dedicated to making healthy food choices delicious and easy. They specialize in salads, and use local and seasonal ingredients. I love their creative salad combinations, these are not your boring plate of greens! I recently tried their Baba Bouleh salad with braised organic beef and it was fantastic.


East is East

One of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver, I was excited to take a friend visiting from out of town, there last week! While I haven’t eaten a bad thing there, my favourites are the almond chai tea and the roti rolls.

Currently exploring

Queen Elizabeth Park

The park is beautiful this time of year, with the rain we have been getting and everything in bloom, so lush and so green! Enjoy the gardens, soak in the views from the top of the park, and then walk to East is East for dinner.


Cleveland Dam to Ambleside Beach

If you are looking for a relatively easy, but scenic hike, I suggest this one! You begin at Cleveland Dam, and are immediately treated to beautiful views. A short 15-20 minute walk from the dam, you reach Capilano Canyon. Walk around the canyon, take pictures from the viewpoints, and explore the Salmon Hatchery, then continue along the Capilano Pacific Trail to Ambleside Beach. Conclude your hike with a picnic on the beach (or a trip to the Whole Foods salad bar at nearby Park Royal mall).


Gifting art to strangers in New Westminster

For several years, I have volunteered with the community art project Papergirl YVR. Papergirl is part of a worldwide art movement, that began in Berlin. The idea behind the Papergirl project is to bring art and the public together in an exciting and innovative way: by taking art out of the galleries and into the streets. Artists of all ages and abilities are welcomed to participate by donating their work. Artwork received becomes part of a non-juried exhibition. On the final day of the exhibition, the artwork is taken down and bundled into rolls. It is distributed by a team of cyclists, in the style of the American Paperboy, to completely unsuspecting strangers!

Last week, we had our first ever ride out and art distribution in New Westminster, along the pier to Sapperton Landing, and the River Market. We (hopefully pleasantly!) surprised many strangers with gifts of artwork.


For more ideas of things to do and places to see in Vancouver, click here or follow along on my Instagram adventures.

  • I love places where you can find healthy and delicious dishes. Your pictures are gorgeous too. I haven’t been to Vancouver in a long time, might be time to make a trip

    • says:

      Thanks so much Jen! I’m always on the hunt for healthy and delicious places… fortunately, we’ve got quite a lot here in Vancouver. It’s a beautiful place to visit, especially in the summer! And lots of hiking and tasty food 😉

  • I gotta say, my spirit feels like it’s being pulled to the west coast. I just have a feeling it’s where I’m “supposed to be” in the future. (But I don’t know how soon?)
    I think I’d be very happy calling Vancouver HOME. 🙂

    If/when I move, will you be my food/adventure guide?!

    • says:

      I think that is a very excellent feeling! We could be food and adventure pals! I would happily be your guide 🙂 Every time I see your hiking pictures, I want to make a trip back to Alberta! So, so beautiful.

  • May says:

    I miss interesting salads and fresh inventive greens. Cambridge food scene is terrible and boring and I am in a cooking rut. I’m going to have to copy the recipes from Field and Social, and also figure out how to make miso gravy. If you can figure out how to recreate it, please let me know, and also the naam’s beet burger. Please!

    • says:

      Definitely steal the salad ideas from Field and Social! I think what makes them so tasty is they top them all off with fresh herbs and just have such unique flavour combinations!

      I haven’t been to the Naam in ages! When you are here in September we will most definitely have to go.

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