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Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 1

Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 1
Portland Marathon Training Reflections: Week 1

Training for Marathon No. 2 has begun!

During training for and after running my first marathon, I knew I would want to do another.

The training process becomes strangely addictive and you manage to move past the feelings of pain and exhaustion #marathonamensia! So last week I signed up for my second marathon: Portland Marathon on October 9.

I find it very helpful to track my marathon training: it keeps me accountable to a training schedule; I love to make and follow plans; and it is so helpful to look back on my training, see how far I have come and where I have improved, and what still needs work!

I have a strong affinity for my Google Calendar and Google Docs so I have also created a spreadsheet with the 17 week overview here (based on Marathon Training Academy 3:50 marathon plan). Time goal to be confirmed closer to October!

Here is week 1 of 17 of my marathon training:

June 13: 11 mi/18 km long run

I skipped my long run on Sunday, and participated in the Seek the Peak challenge instead. I was craving a long run on Monday! Despite getting rained on a couple of times, and a stiff right hip, this run felt really good. I would have kept going longer, but I was already late for work.

June 14: group personal training (strength & conditioning) 

A challenging full-body workout involving burpees, kettlebells, slam balls, broad jumps up stairs (as terrible as they sound), dumbbells, and more. Having gone to bed early the night before and getting a full 8 hours of sleep, I felt pretty good at 6 am!


June 15: group personal training + 2.5 hour hike in AM

We did some of my favourite exercises this morning – sledgehammer tire hits (what a way to wake up!), slam ball tosses, weighted planks, and battle ropes. That morning, I had a friend visiting from out of town. I skipped work and we headed to the mountains for a 2.5 hour easy hike from Cleveland Dam to Capilano Canyon, and along Capilano Pacific Trail to Ambleside Beach.

7 mi/11.25 km run at easy pace in PM

Oh how I did not want to run. I went to work in the afternoon and did not get home until 6:30 pm. I dragged myself out for a run at 8:30 pm.


June 16group personal training

June 17: 7 mi/11.25 km speed work

This was my first “official” speed workout since the BMO Vancouver Marathon and it was surprisingly not that bad! While I was tired and sore, I did 4 min hard + 2 min easy x 6 (plus warm-up and cool-down).

During my first marathon training cycle, I was scared to and cautious about pushing too hard, having never run a marathon before, let alone trained that intensely and run that much mileage. But during this run, I realized it is time to start pushing my limits, be a little less scared, and see what happens. If I run out of gas before the run is up, who cares! At least I’ve pushed myself.

June 18: Grouse Grind

Generally I would take a rest day – I aim for once a week and more if I feel my body really needs it – but I was invited to an event that involved climbing the Grouse Grind! We took it a comfortable pace and got soaked in the pouring rain.


June 19: 10.5 mi/17 km long run

I woke up at 5 am on a Sunday to run in the rain. It wasn’t the best time I’ve ever had… but I got it done!


Week 1 of Portland Marathon Training done! Only 16 more to go.

Are you training for a race right now? Do you like tracking your training and following a training plan? 


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